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  LEDFORD semi-custom production rifles offer superior craftsmanship and quality. Each rifle is polished, broke in, and tested out to 1,000 yards. Recent projects have been praised for innovation and attention to detail, with a sell price of $6,650.00. We invite you to explore more of LEDFORD's projects and customer results by clicking on the model names below.

  Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20x50 scope and rings with a custom cut elevation turret matching your tested ammunition's velocity at your intended use altitude and temperature is available for $2,120.00

  Custom lockable TSA approved hard rifle case with four latches, wheels, engraved plate to match your rifle, laser cut branded foam to fit your rifle, accessories, and a pistol is available for $720.00














  Custom lockable TSA approved 50 round hard ammunition case and laser engraved to match your rifle with 50 rounds of your selected ammunition hand loaded to fit your rifle is available for $445.00



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