What makes a LEDFORD a true custom?

  Your build begins with your preferred bullet. You want a specific result on impact, either target or game. The bullet research you have put in tells you what bullet you need to achieve the desired result. We will build a rifle to match your selected bullet.

  We have several products to choose from. Your desired weight, balance, and look is not limited to the ideas of some suit in an office.

  Each of our vendors have been making products for decades, and all have your best interest at heart.

  We receive each piece in raw form and are free to design the finish coat to YOUR wishes.

  You are NOT restricted to what you see here. These are our most requested items.

    915 SW HWY 97 Madras, Oregon 97741


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Sales:                          Floyd Leach       541.475.4636

E-mail: fleach.receiving@staycenterllc.com

Gunsmithing:           Duane Ledford    541.475.4636

E-mail: dledford.gunsmith@staycenterllc.com


Ammunition:            Jake Bayless        541.475.4636

E-mail: jbayless.ammunition@staycenterllc.com

Purchasing:              Elizabeth Iveans 541.475.4636

E-mail: biveans.purchasing@staycenterllc.com